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Petzl - Coeur Steel - Accessories
€1.95 Price
Petzl - Spirit Express - Climbing Slings
€3.95 Price
Petzl - GO - Maillon Rapide
GO Maillon Rapide
€5.45 Price
Petzl - Caritool
Increase your carrying options with the Caritool from Petzl. It is compatible with the slots on...
€7.95 Price
Petzl - Spirit
€9.95 Price
Petzl - Boitier Piles
Boitier Piles
€9.95 Price
Petzl - Bandi - Chalkbag
Chalk bag with round shape The BANDI chalk bag has a round shape with a large opening to...
€14.95 Price
Petzl - Sm'D - Carabiner
Sm'D is a D-shaped locking carabiner that is lightweight, and compact, and can be used in...
€14.95 Price
Petzl - Djinn Axess - Quickdraws
€14.95 Price
Petzl - Torse
Shoulder strap for positioning a CROLL The TORSE shoulder strap allows the CROLL ventral rope...
€16.95 Price
Petzl - Attache
The Attache carabiner from Petzl is lightweight, compact, pear-shaped with screw-lock. It is...
€17.95 Price
Petzl - Am'D Black
The Am’D from Petzl is a lightweight asymmetrical carabiner made of aluminium. It has a D shape...
€17.95 Price

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Everything started in 1930 thanks to an artisan called FERNAND PETZL.

Petzl's mission was to create innovative solutions, be it as service or a tool, that help the user improve and keep safe in vertical terrain. The journey started with Fernand Petzls passion for cave exploration where he put his artisan skills to use. Born from this is the newly acquired expertise of rappelling and climbing in the dark and obscure caves. 1970 is the year the first Petzl branded product are manufactures in Saint-Nazaire-les-Eymes, France and 5 years later the Petzl company is founded.

Petzl goes on to become one of the biggest players on the market. In 1977 they released their first harness, allowing sport climbers to take their game to the next level. 1991 is the year the belay tool every climbing gym is using now a days got released, the Grigri. 1999 is the year Petzl started expanding to the US and providing this top quality gear to climbers all over the world. And the list of innovations goes on and on to the point that there is no climber, mountaineer, climbing gym that hasn't heard of or uses Petzl products.