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Patch emerged in July 2016 when James Dutton (the founder of Nutricare) noticed that his sons wounds would not heal properly when covering them with everyday plasters/covers. He also noticed his sons skin reacting badly to the traditional plasters, but could not understand why. After a bit of research he discovered that common wound care coverings contain many chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. With this number being on the rise he decided to come up with an alternative. That is when PATCH hit the markets. A plaster that is skin friendly, natural and promotes the healing of the wound. Furthermore, he made sure the materials used were eco friendly and bio degradable. 

This makes these plasters perfect for outdoor adventures such as climbing, bouldering, runnig, mountaineering etc. Small cuts and wounds could ruin your trip, especially if they happen early on. PLAST it up, through the rest wherever you want with a good conscious, and continue your adventure.