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Faza - Chaos - Climbing Brush

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Faza - Chaos

Faza started off with a young boy learning carpentry from his dad. When his older brother took him climbing at the age of 16 he discovered how he could combine his two passions. It took him 3 years of testing differrent shapes, woods and technologies before establishing the brand FAZA in 2014.

The chaos model is a combination of crazy 3D shapes, sometimes wholes all over the place, funky colours, different textures and woods.. all in all, it's chaos! Their functionality remains the same as that of the "confession" range and makes the brushes great for both bouldering and rope climbing. Don't leave any hold unbrushed and take advantage of every bit of extra friction you can get. 



Not all designs are displayed. Email us at if you are interested, we will send you a picture of everything that is in stock so you can pick the perfect brush for you or a friend!


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