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Panico Alpinverlag - Pfalz - Climbing Guide

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The Palatinate region offers a picturesque landscape, delicious regional cuisine, traditional climbing opportunities, and a free three-year application for iOS and Android with a provided code in the guide.



You can discover a significant German sandstone climbing location, second only to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, in the vast forests surrounding Landau, Pirmasens, and the French border. This area is also considered one of the most beautiful due to its picturesque landscape, which includes medieval castles, delectable regional cuisine, and excellent wine. Climbing enthusiasts will find an abundance of options as the red sandstone formations provide a diverse range of shapes and textures, from harsh crack lines to honeycomb walls and smooth friction plates. The Palatinate region is known for its traditional climbing style, which requires climbers to bring their own wedges and cams for safety purposes. Despite this, the climbs are breathtakingly beautiful, and the local dish, Saumagen, is surprisingly delicious. Additionally, with the guide, you'll receive a free three-year application for iOS and Android, downloadable using a provided code. If you have any questions about the app, you can contact the Vertical-Life team directly.


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