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Moon Climbing - Mini MoonBoard DIY Kit

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Are you having trouble fitting the standard MoonBoard into your basement? The Mini MoonBoard has all the perks of MoonBoard training while only needing a room height of 2020mm (6'63")*. With a 40` overhang, the Mini MoonBoard is a very efficient and an effective way to refine your core and finger climbing strength, footwork and move precision.

Featuring its own unique hold setup, the Mini MoonBoard is 100% compatible with the free MoonBoard smartphone app and LED System, so you can enjoy creating, sharing, and climbing problems with other Mini MoonBoard users around the globe.

The Mini MoonBoard DIY kit includes all holds required for the setup, pre-drilled and t-nutted laser-engraved panels , plus the Mini MoonBoard LED System.

Available on demand! Send us an email at before ordering. 



This kit includes

Mini MoonBoard LED System

Mini MoonBoard DIY Panels (made from sustainably sourced high quality birch plywood)

4 main panels: 1220mm x 1220mm

2 kick board panels: 1220mm x 150mm

Pre drilled and t-nutted for use with metric M10 bolts (included)

LED light holes pre-drilled. Please note that our DIY panels do not have mounting holes pre-drilled. This gives you the flexibility to mount them how you choose.

Laser-engraved Mini MoonBoard design

Mini MoonBoard 2020 Hold Setup:

Original School Holds (includes footholds for kick board)

Wood Holds - Set A

Wood Holds - Set B

Wood Holds - Set C

Metric M10 bolt kits for holds


40-degree angle: 2440mm (width) / 1700mm (depth) / 2020mm (height)


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