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Want to build a home climbing wall? 

Nothing better then a home climbing wall. How often have you thought "Damn if I just had a home wall then I could train the 1 hour I have available in the morning or in the evening. A home climbing wall can be used for setting boulder problems or for circuit training endurance. You can also replicate the crux of a route you always wanted to do and when you hit your project outdoor next time it will feel easy. 

Depending on space it can be used for bouldering, training or even rope climbing. The main question for most people is..........Where to start and how to plan the thing. What kind of wood, what design and where to buy the materials. 

At Casper's Climbing Shop we have all the answers. We actually deliver what we call our IKEA wall. Just provide us with your idea and where you would like it. You will then receive a package with all materials and a construction plan and you can then build it yourself. We of course help you with the layout and guide you through the endless choices of climbing holds. As we are passionate climbers and have been for years we can help you optimise your wall so you can use it the most efficient way. All depending if the focus is on kids climbing, training or home bouldering. 

The walls are super simple to put together. 

CCS Home Wall 1    

Our walls can be delivered in all standard climbing wall colors as shown below

CCS Wall Colors

Or simply in plain wood :-)

Wood wall

After the climbing wall has been build it is time to choose holds and volumes. Here again we have a large range and we know them really well. That way we can help you choose the holds and volumes you want for your needs. 

Feel free to contact us for more information and let us help you build your dream training wall at home. 

Send us a mail or give us a call +352 288 00 227