Zlagboard Evo


Paired with its app, the award-winning Zlagboard is a true revolution for hangboard training. It puts an end to hand-written notes, spreadsheets and stop-watches to estimate hangtimes. The Zlagboard system does the job for you, using a weight-triggered mechanism for smartphones to automatically track hang times and pull-ups and to provide rest times. 

The Zlagboard app allows you to train by creating your free custom workouts or by following the professional training plans. In both cases, the app structures your sessions by providing detailed follow-along instructions for length of hang time, repetitions and rest times. 

Get 3 months of free professional training plans now with every Zlagboard.Evo

The Zlagboard.Evo is the latest product in the Zlagboard series and comes in a compact, light design. It offers versatile training options on crimps, pockets, slopers and jugs developed for beginner to intermediate climbers or climbers with limited training space.


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Extras Zlagboard App/Free download | 3 months of free training plans included
What is included 1 Zlagboard.Evo 1 silicon mount for attaching the smartphone (suitable for all sizes) 2 eye-bolts to attach additional equipment

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Zlagboard App: Measure & Analyze your performance

The app tracks your training sessions and keeps a log of your performances. It creates statistics and provides an overview over your progress and improvements. 


Train like a pro with professional plans

You no longer have to worry about figuring out the best training method or how to best structure your sessions.


Zlagboard teamed up with some of the best coaches to develop a variety of training programs, lasting from several weeks to months and designed for the specific requirements of different fitness levels and climbing goals. The Zlagboard app provides a total of 24 plans, from strength to power endurance.


Following these plans is an efficient use of your time to achieve your goals.

Ingo Filzwieser (Professional Coach): "Hangboard training is the most effective, easiest and time-saving way to increase your finger strength. The Zlagboard training plans offer uncomplicated and specific training to achieve various goals such as muscle growth, maximum strength and power-endurance".


100% quality made in South Tyrol

All Zlagboards are made out of noble lime wood. Both the board itself and the metal components are processed and assembled in collaboration with local businesses in our home region of South Tyrol. The skin-friendly surface of the wood enables you to train more often without overly stressing your skin. 

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