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Antworks - Strong Ant III - Trainingboard

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The Strong Ant 3 was specifically designed for climbers that already have advanced climbing experience. 4 rows of pockets, one and two finger holes with depths of 15 to 40 mm. Both slanting ends of the top edges are undercut. The horizontal top edge itself is leveled at 25°. The pockets are hewn with a special cutter, which provides a permanently grooved surface and therefore guarantees a great purchase for fingers on the board. Basic material are glue laminated ash wood, that are first shaped by CNC and are later finely sanded down by hand.



There are altogether 3 expansion possibilities for the Strong Ant 3:
A plug-on pull-up bar, a sloper board and the Ant Hill 63 are mounted on the board, with suitable armature hubs.
One tip for beginners: The Strong Ant 3, in combination with the Ant Bar, can also be used for climbing beginners. It is really important to especially strengthen your finger ligaments over a longer period of time. It is possible to obtain long term injuries with an incorrect training (especially of annular pulleys), even if the muscles are able to hold on to the smallest finger bracket.


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720mm x 230mm x 45mm

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