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Blæk - NØ.01 Colombia - Organic Instant Coffee - 60 g

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Our exquisite BLÆK NØ.1 premium instant coffee offers a harmonious blend of caramel and bergamot flavors. It boasts a refined and balanced acidity, culminating in a satisfyingly rich and sweet taste. With its light body and perfectly balanced flavor profile, this coffee is a delightful choice to savor without the need for milk or sugar.



BLÆK effortlessly combines the convenience of instant coffee with the pleasure of exceptional specialty coffee. Our HOME Edition is designed for individuals who appreciate the convenience without compromising on the quality and flavor of their coffee. Each jar yields 20 cups (200 ml) of this exceptional brew, providing a sustainable solution and minimizing waste.

To achieve the perfect cup of BLÆK, it is recommended to use 3g of coffee per 200ml of liquid. Each jar of BLÆK Home contains 60g, which is precisely measured for 20 cups.

For personalized taste preferences, you have the flexibility to adjust the water and coffee powder quantities to create a stronger or milder brew.

Temperature plays a crucial role in enhancing the flavor of BLÆK. The optimal water temperature for the best taste experience is approximately 70°C. This temperature allows the coffee's delicate aromas to fully unfold. If you are unable to control your kettle's temperature, we suggest adding a small amount of cold water to the boiling water or letting the kettle cool for 1-2 minutes. This ensures you enjoy the coffee's subtle nuances to the fullest.


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