Ocun - Webee Kid - Kid's Climbing Harness

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The WeBee Kid harness by Ocun is super comfortable and specially manufactured to adapt to the bodies of young climbers. It is based on the patented WeBee Performance Technology thanks to which it gives perfect comfort, lightness, breathability  and durability all at once. Another positive aspect of the WeBee Kid is the movable waist - the waist belt goes through a drawstring-like channel in the padding so the padding can be adjusted precisely to face the belay loop. Gear loopes are also placed symetrically. Due to the construction of WeBee padding, the harness has an adjustable shape, distributes pressure evenly and is extremely breathable while keeping its light weight. The sandwich structured waist made of perforated 3D PE EVA foam with a closed-cell structure is abrasion resistant and washable. WeBee concepts is unique for its unparalleled water and sweat resistant one-layer construction without any additional lining.



Product Details


Product Features

Harness Leg Loops Size
40 - 50 cm
Harness Waist Size
50 - 75 cm
Product Weight
345 g

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