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Sens - Chocolate Cricket Protein Blend - 650 g - Protein Shake

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More nutritious than whey and sustainable. Creamy, delicious, soluble... Give your shaker only the best!



"Maximum strength, minimum flatulence" is the tagline for this protein drink, which is effortlessly digestible. It merges the advantages of plant-based protein derived from peas and sunflowers with the potency of cricket protein, all in a single product. This drink is made with authentic cocoa beans, delivering extra antioxidants and is also abundant in anti-inflammatory theobromine and zinc. You can blend it with water or your preferred plant-based milk effortlessly. This drink offers 70% of eco-friendly protein per scoop.

Furthermore, the packaging is environmentally friendly, setting it apart from any other blend in the world. Sens took the initiative to develop the first-ever planet-conscious tube packaging, comprising a recycled paper tube and an aluminum lid both at the top and bottom. Moreover, they are committed to plastic-free shipping, which means there are no additional wraps or plastic tape used for any of our orders. At Sens, they believe that small details make a big difference!


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