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Witchholds – MiniSlats set (6 pcs)
  • Witchholds – MiniSlats set (6 pcs)

Witchholds – MiniSlats set (6 pcs)

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Witchholds – MiniSlats set (6 pcs)

"Witch" is the first Polish wooden fingerboard. Witchholds designs with the purpose of providing boulder/climbing specific training material that doesn't attack the skin too much and lets the climber focus on working out muscle and tendons. 

This is a set of 6 wooden slats that you can set on your campus wall. They come in different sizes with a 90 degree angle where your supposed to grip. These are ideal to train finger strength and the fact that they come in different sizes allows you to gradually work your way up to the smallest slate to avoid injury.

have a pleasant workout!

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  1. 5x40x500 [mm] 
  2. 6x40x500 [mm] 
  3. 7x40x500 [mm] 
  4. 8x40x500 [mm] 
  5. 9x40x500 [mm] 
  6. 10x40x500 [mm] 


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Product Material
bleech wood
Product Size
5x40x100 [mm] 6x40x100 [mm] 7x40x100 [mm] 8x40x100 [mm] 9x40x100 [mm] 10x40x100 [mm]

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