Petzl - Spirit - Climbing Carabiner

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A lightweight carabiner, available either with bent gate or straight gate. The straight gate is designed to make clipping and unclipping easier due to its texture and keylock system. The bent gate on the other hand has been designed to smoothly clip the rope.



Version Straight Gate Bent Gate
Weight 39 g 39 g
Major axis strength 23 kN 23 kN
Minor axis strength 8 kN 8 kN
Open gate strength 9 kN 9 kN
Gate opening 21 mm 25 mm
Capacity 21 mm 21 mm


Product Details


Product Features

Carabiner Major Axis Strength
23 kN
Carabiner Minor Axis Strength
8 kN
Carabiner Open Gate Strength
9 kN

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