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YY Vertical - TravelBoard - Warm up Fingerboard

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YY's Travelboard is a robust and light wooden beam. Like its friend La Baguette, the Travelboard is designed to warm up and train both indoor and outdoor. When used to warm up, the Baguette minimizes the risk of injury; when training, it is ideal for strengthening the passive and active structures of the fingers and forearms during traction and suspension exercises. The Travelboard has two inclination modes, 3 rulers (25mm, 15mm and 10mm) allowing to modify the spacing of the hands, 2 single-fingers for the isolation of the muscular development of the fingers + tray). The depths are easily identifiable thanks to an engraving inside the sockets. With its sober design made from recycled rubber wood, The Travel Board offers a soft-touch surface whose comfort and grip will convince beginners and experts alike.



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34cm x 10cm x 3cm

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