Greetings fellow climbers! Are you looking for new and exciting climbing spots/facilities to conquer/discover? Look no further! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these climbing spots are sure to provide a fun and exhilarating experience. So gear up, grab a partner or a crashpad, and come explore the best climbing possible!

Here a list of all the climbing gyms, clubs and cracks in and around Luxembourg:


Bloc House, Pafendall

Small, international boulder gym. Everything you need to train hard. With Moonboard on second floor.

Blocschokolade, Trier

Another exquisite boulder gym! Big plus is the outdoor structure, amazing during spring and summer! And you'll eat the best cake of your life here. 

BlocX coming soon

First boulder gym in Luxembourg opening soon. Stay Tuned and follow there social!

Cave, Wittlich

Yet another boulder gym GEM !! Worldclass routesetting meets cosy chill vibes! They also offer regular yoga courses!

Coque, Kirchberg

Very nice facility for rope climbing, with small boulder area. Nice wall structure. 

Cube, Trier

Very nice rope climbing gym, also has routes outside which is amazing when the weather plays along! Also small boulder area upstairs.

D-Summit, Dudelange

Beautiful rope climbing gym with small, but good, boulder area (with Moonboard)

Eifelblock, Trier

Creme de la creme boulder gym! For every level, amazing coffe and super nice vibes! 

Escale, Arlon

Those who know, know.. Some of the best routesetting we have ever seen!! Both boulder and gym have projects for life! Super friendly staff, nice vibes. They offer courses as well!

Red Rock Climbing Centre, Sanem

Biggest overhang in the country, great to get in shape for climbing trips!


Boulder Klub Lëtzebuerg, BKL

Boulder Klub Mamer, BKM


Eisléker Klammveräin, EKV

Groupe Alpin Luxembourgeois, GAL

Klamm Klub Uelzechtdal, KKU

Klammklub Biissen, KKB

Klammspann Ettelbréck, KSE

Klammweechelche Clervaux

Kloter Klub Hesper, KKH

Kloter Klub Niederanven, KKN

Nordwand Lëltz

Sport Climbing Lënster, SCL 

If you are a member of any of these clubs you are entitled to a 10% discount in the physical shop, just show us your membership card!



Beautiful sandstone, routes for every level but the fun begins around 6a and higher. Respect the site, don't litter, follow the rules!

Audun le Tiche

Still newer area, increasing in popularity. Very beginner friendly! Wearing a helmet is mandatory!

Bloc Brill 

The very first outdoor boulder structure in Luxembourg! For news follow BoulderKlubMamer (BKM) on social media! Coming soon...

Bloc El Cap

Similar to Bloc Brill but kids friendlier boulders. Kids courses are organised here during summer by BKM!