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List of products by brand Thrill Seeker

Bulgarian company Thrill Seeker shapes climbing hods with extreme attention to detail and anatomical design. Their shapes provide skin friendly surfaces without compromising the grip. All sets are split into ranges with unique shapes and various types of grips which allow route setters to create endless possibilities of routes / boulders by using holds sharing similar design.

Shaping is about combining art and science.

That's why Thrill Seeker poures their holds in the best available material – Dannomond by Composite X. Dannomond is high performance polyurethane with greater wear resistance, bright colours, dry soft texture and increased strength. It is lighter, stronger and better compared to any other polyurethane used for the production of artificial climbing holds. All bolt-on holds are equipped with stainless steel dual washer and accept both cap-head and countersunk bolts. The screw-on holds are reinforced with metal washers.