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  • D'Addario

    testD'Addario is a company that produces sustainable and creative accessories for musicians.

    The materials they use to do so are high end quality and assure precise, clean products. Furthermore, they are aware and responsible in their production process where sustainability and reduced waste are a priority. Now we at Caspers Climbing Shop saw that some of these products musician use, especially the ones to train their finger strength, can be beneficial for climbers and boulderers so we made them available to you here on our website. Grip

    These are ideal for warming up on the crag, are small enough to put in any boulder/climbing backpack and versatile enough so that both an advanced climber and a beginner can use them efficiently. 

  • 8b Plus

    When I here 8bplus, I think 'eat more chalk'.

    All products available by 8bplus have been designed by climbers. This guarantees that no matter what chalk, shirt, chalk bag, boulder bag etc, the design has been thought through by someone who's been in the same situation as you, when the chalk bag didn't open properly or the trousers weren't flexible enough or the chalk just didn't do the job. The brand originates from one of the most famous mountain chains in the world, the Alpes. This allows them to experience/picture what the exact needs of mountaineers, and (multipitch) climbers are. Their product range goes from wristbands made of accessory cords all the way to your classic wardrobe, shirts, hats, tops but also a huge variety of chalk bags and boulder bags.


    Designed by climbers for climbers.  

  • ABK

    0 products

  • Antworks

    When talking about Antworks the company, how THEY produce their gear, what material do THEY use, who is in charge of design, manufacturing etc well the answer to ALL these questions is Christian.


    Christian has been working on and designing climbing related training equipment for the past 20 years. Antworks has been established in October 2012 and it all started in Christian's garage thanks to his passion for the sport. He now has several product designer awards that help him pursue the goal of developing artistic boards with high performance potential.  Christian comes up with innovative ideas himself and takes note of what the climbers using his products have to say.

    baseHe is still today the only man in manufacturing them, so if you have any Antwork product sitting at home or hanging on your wall, you can be sure that it passed through Christians hands. The advantage of Antworks is the fact that the climber can combine the different products and training tools to meet his/her specific needs. 

  • Arc'teryx

    Arc'teryx are a company located in the middle of the Coast Mountains in Canada. It is  located in one of the least populated wilderness regions on this planet. This allows the team to test their products right outside their door. It's like Dan Green, VP of design, says: "the design centre is where things get built, but all of the inspiration, all of the problems that need to be solved are out in the mountains".  

    Who are we?

  • Beal

    Beal is a french company that has been established 70 years ago, in 1950. It's primary product at the time were cords and laces for anoraks. It is only 25 years later, after one of the employees came back from a meeting in Grenoble where he saw that the mountain rope presented looked a lot like what Beal was already producing, that the rope production got started. In 1976 the first BEAL climbing rope is presented and ten years later in 1986 BEAL is the number 1 manufacturer of climbing ropes. The company doesn't stop there but continuous to develop and innovate the rope scene. In 1990 they come up with the iceline which is a game changer for all ice climbers because the rope is much more fluid and has a lower shock force. In 1993 they add yet another line of rope to their inventory, the industrial rope for work at height. BEAL has ever since continued to improve and develop their products and still today are a great reference for all climbers in need of rope. 


  • Beastmaker

    Beastmaker originated in Sheffield UK and was created by a bunch of climbers who at the time just wanted to improve their fingerstrength from home since university didn't leave to much time for climbing. They were obsessed with creating an ergonomically, skin friendly training tool. In 2007, the first Beastmaker fingerboard sees daylight. It got fine tuned for another 6 month but after that it was a pleasure to train on it. 

    Initially the Beastmaker was designed for personal use and maybe a few friends, but after the Sheffield gang hit up Leicester with their new product the market for it exploded. They improved the fingerboard one more time by using computer aided design and manufacturing before it became what it is today, the new standard for fingerboards. 

    Today, every climbing gym and almost every "serious" climber has either a Beastmaker 1000 or 2000. It has helped many athletes achieve their goal and track progress. 

  • Beta Stick

    Simon Berry and Ian Barnes are the founders of Beta Climbing Designs. Established in 2002 by climbers, it's main goal was to get the BetaStick out on the market as soon as possible. It then didn't take long for climbers all around the world to take notice and equip themselves with this super handy tool. Some climbing sites like the Frankenjura have their first spits at a hight of about 6-7m, so there for example it is super useful to have a BetaStick with you. stick

Showing 1 - 9 of 73 items