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Quickdraw Slings

Quickdraw Slings

When talking about quickdraw slings, we still have to make the difference between two types of slings. 

First of all, like described above, slings can be used to extend and built your own alpine draw. To do so you usually use 8mm DYN slings. They are super light and can absorb huge forces.


Another form of quickdraw sling, is the shorter and stiffer version. These usually come in 3 sizes, around 11cm 17cm and 25cm depending on the brand. These are not as long nor as light as the previously mentioned slings, but they have the advantage that the climber can grab the sling much more comfortably. In case you are working a project for instance and you keep falling in the same spot, well pulling yourself back to your high point using slings is much more comfortable and easy here. 

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