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Beal is a french company that has been established 70 years ago, in 1950. It's primary product at the time were cords and laces for anoraks. It is only 25 years later, after one of the employees came back from a meeting in Grenoble where he saw that the mountain rope presented looked a lot like what Beal was already producing, that the rope production got started. In 1976 the first BEAL climbing rope is presented and ten years later in 1986 BEAL is the number 1 manufacturer of climbing ropes. The company doesn't stop there but continues to develop and innovate the rope scene. In 1990 they come up with the iceline which is a game changer for all ice climbers because the rope is much more fluid and has a lower shock force. In 1993 they add yet another line of rope to their inventory, the industrial rope for work at height. BEAL has ever since continued to improve and develop their products and still today are a great reference for all climbers in need of rope. 


Since 2007, for every dynamic rope sold, Beal plants a tree in Madagascar.

About 700,000 young plants were transplanted. About 250,000 are growing, having survived the first difficult years between bush fires and prolonged drout

Furtermore, Beal has made 100% of their dynamic ropes recyclable the first 10 years, so anyone can send their old Beal dynamic ropes to our recycling department and they will be stored, sorted and sent to a partner processing unit where they will be crushed, pelletized and put back into the circuit of the plastics industry for a second life .