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Ben Moon founded Moon Climbing in the year 2002 with the goal of providing to the climbing community, what he wished he had the last 30 years for training. 

Ever since, the professional rock climber has produced and designed the highest quality climbing products out there. Every climbing gym and every climber knows the name Moon. Today the company is still mainly run by Ben Moon, but with the higher demand he made sure to have the support of a small team of dedicated climbers to manage the company. Moon Climbing develops and designs climbing clothes, climbing accessories, chalk, packs, bags, all kind of mountaineering apparel and of course the most popular product by Moon is the Moonboard. Any climbing gym that wants to offer a certain standard to their community has at least one Moonboard. The most dedicated climbers even own these for themselves at home. Ben made it possible to train harder than ever imagined from the comfort of your home.