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Moon - Moon Dust 300g - Climbing Chalk
Climbing chalk from Moon Climbing. Coming from the master himself........Ben Moon. The chalk...
€8.50 Price
Black Diamond - Loose Chalk
The famous white gold from Black Diamond. Comes in three different sized bags. Perfect for sport...
€11.95 Price
Black Diamond - Liquid White Gld
€8.95 Price
Black Diamond - Refillable Chalk Shot
This chalk is specifically blended for climbing to keep sweat at bay, ensuring maximum grip no...
€4.95 Price
Black Diamond - Non-refillable Chalk Shot
The Black Diamond chalk is specifically blended for climbing to keep sweat at bay, ensuring...
€3.95 Price
Ocun - Chalk Liquid
Liquid chalk with long-lasting effect
€5.95 Price
Black Diamond - Liquid Black Gold
Black Diamond - Liquid Black Gold Liquid Black Gold is the combination of the classic White Gold...
€17.95 Price
Rewhite - Liquid 200 ml - Chalk
Rewhite - Liquid 200 ml Rewhite Liquid Chalk is made of pure bio-ethanol, food grade magnesium...
€11.99 Price
8b+ - 125ml Liquid Chalk - Climbing Chalk
Performance does not need to be boring, and 8BPLUS Chalk is living proof! This is a premium...
€14.90 Price
Beal - Liquid Pure Grip
Beal Pure Grip liquid chalk creates no dust and is perfect for climbing or home training. 
€11.95 Price
Cafe Kraft - Kraft Chalk Liquid
Cafe Kraft - Turbo The turbo version in liquid. This solution makes your hands dry super fast for...
€10.95 Price
Ocun - Chalk Ball - Chalk
Do you want to keep your chalk under control or maybe you are climbing at one of the indoor walls...
€2.95 Price