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Faza was founded in 2014. The story starts with a young boy who's father was a carpenter and let him play with his tool set. Growing up, being surrounded by different types of wood and different tools to work it fascinated him. Then his older brother introduced him to the local climbing gym and the young boy was hooked for life. At the age of 30, after having tested and broken over a thousand brushes, having tried different shapes, woods etc the Faza brush as you know it today emerged. 

Furthermore, the brushes should not only fulfill their basic function of a brush but should also be visually appealing. A Faza brush can never be just a brush, each is handmade  and carries a bit of the drive and values of its creator. Founder of Faza and creator of all these amazing brushes says "I know the value of taking the extra step past the good enough performance and that's what I want to achieve with brushes too."