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    <p>Whether you are setting up your tent at night, climbing up the wall at dusk, or just looking for something in your attic, nothing beats the hands-free lighting convenience provided by a headlamp. Headlamps now almost exclusively use LEDs as their light source. LEDs are rugged, energy-efficient and long-lasting. So what to watch out for when buying a headlamp?</p> <p>The type of beam...</p> <p>..can be flood/wide or spot/focused. Depending on what you are doing you'll need one or the other. A lot of headlamps allow to switch between both types.</p> <p>Lumen....</p> <p>...usually the higher the lumen value the brighter the light.</p> <p>Beam distance...</p> <p>...the type of beam and lumen are a good indication of the ability to brighten the dark but beam distance is also crucial if for example your riding your bike at night.</p> <p>Run time...</p> <p> obviously important. You want to use it as long as possible without charging. </p> <p>Headlamp weight...</p> <p>... the lighter the less you have to carry.</p> <p>And so forth...</p> <p>There are so many criteria to a headlamp it really depends on what you have planned. The easiest thing to do is come down to the shop or give us a call so we can have a chat about your needs.</p> <p></p>
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