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Only climbers know what climbers need.

Red Chili was founded 20 years ago by Uwe and Stefan. The inspiration came after the two climbed the west face and reached the summit of El Cap. After 20 long and hard pitches they reached the top with burning, painful feet. That is when the thought of manufacturing their own climbing shoe popped into their heads the first time. 

At the time they were distributing another shoe brand across Europe and had constant troubles with manufacturers not being on time, unsatisfied customers and other issues. They said they had to drown their problems in Red wine, so one evening as they were sitting there drinking wine and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers they took the decision of launching their own brand. The day after when waking up the only thing they saw written on a wine drenched piece of paper was "Red Chili". They knew what they had to do.      

Two years later, the first pair of RedChili climbing shoes hit the markets and had great success. In just a short time span their brand gained popularity and established itself as a leading brand in climbing shoes.