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Sustainability and minimal harm

More than just carbon offsetting or claiming a paper bag as “environment saving”. For Sens, sustainability means changing the systems.

In 2013 the United Nations first published a scientific report regarding a potential aid for Sens's unsustainable meat protein production - cricket protein. For a long time, nobody cared. Supermarkets did not offer cricket protein products on their shelves. Sens took this challenge upon themselves and decided to be the leader in this systemic change.

Changing the way we eat

1 - Protein production

Sens's team is improving cricket protein production and making it more efficient. To make chicken meat admittedly affordable it took over 80 years of research. On the other hand, there is next to no research on large scale cricket farming. With future improvements, Sens wants to make this sustainable protein the cheapest source of meat-quality protein.

2 - Everyday foods

Sens's products look good and taste yummy whether thats a protein bar, shake or pasta! What started of as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 has led to a company promoting the sustainable protein idea to millions of people. 

Why first farm in Thailand

Just like with chocolate, dates or peanuts, the cricket protein in their products is not produced in Europe (yet).

Sens sees their farm as a pilot farm where research and optimisation of production take place. Once the demand for cricket protein rises, efficient, automated cricket farms located in the suburbs of every big city, true farm-to-table style, will be established.

Thailand was chosen because of the people’s extensive cricket farming know-how. Collaborations have been set in place with local universities and those experienced in cricket farming. Furthermore, the country’s climate is perfect for farming.

What are we still improving

One example, at the moment there is no good solution to compostable packaging. With the available compostable foils, our protein bars would get rock dry in two months and our dry crackers would slowly absorb moisture and lose their “crunch”. Being unable to develop our own packaging, we choose to preserve food and leave it up to you to recycle the plastic and paper wraps. Once we find a working solution, we will implement it.