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  • The Zlagboard.Evo is the next evolution of hangboard training: the newest product in the Zlagboard series comes with a compact, light design. At the same time, it offers versatile training possibilities on crimps, slopers, small pockets and jugs. The legendary Zlagboard Contest Edges enable the athlete to compare their finger power to thousands of... The Zlagboard.Evo is the next...

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  • The Zlagboard Pro is the right hangboard for all performance levels from beginner to professional. It offers all kind of grip shapes and sizes and can accompany climbers throughout their entire climbing career. On the legendary contest edges, you can measure your strength level and compare yourself to climbers from all over the world. While training on... The Zlagboard Pro is the right...

    249,95 €
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  • The Zlagboard Vario facilitates a broad variety of training scenarios. The board allows versatile hangboard setups, like offered by climbing itself. You can adapt the grip setup to your own weaknesses or customize the holds to the requirements of your current project, in order to train more specifically. You can even mount the most common hangboards like... The Zlagboard Vario facilitates a...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items