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The strand and cord manufacture Edelmann plus Ridder, also known as Edelrid, was founded in 1863 in Isny, Allgäu. 90 years later, in 1953, the very first Kernmantel rope is created and introduced to the climbing market where it sets the new standard for climbing ropes. Today Edelrid produces a huge variety of products ranging from safety equipment, clothing, ropes, slings all the way to ice gear.  

Edelrid has mastered four divisions over the past 150 years. These are Safety, Sport, Adventure Park and customer solutions and have given the company a solid ground to stand on and further innovate. Having a solid base in these divisions also makes Edelrid largely immune to market fluctuations and give them the required freedom to continue developing the best products in each category. All 4 areas are equally developed and innovated through combined knowledge of the four. The one thing these divisions all have in common is "mountain sport" which is the main area of focus and expertise.

As a conscious sustainable mountain sports company Edelrid produce equipment suited for nature. Naturally, protecting the environment is priority number one. The mindful treatment of people and nature is an important part of their corporate culture and company philosophy. Here is an extract from the EDELRID corporate aims:

"As an environmentally-friendly company, we want to reduce resource consumption and emissions in order to ensure sustainable corporate development."

In order for the environmental impact to be measurable and transparent and to give the incentive to constantly improve, Edelrid has been publishing environmental statements since 2010. With the environmental statement they disclose what is important for assessing environmental performance, but also show what means and measures they use to reach their environmental goals and what they have achieved to date. This statement can be found here.

Number of employees: over 160
Management: Albrecht von Dewitz
Executive Board: Markus Wanner
Divisions: Sport, Safety, Customer Solutions, Adventure Park
EDELRID is part of the Vaude Group.
A large proportion of EDELRID's production – 60% of real net output – takes place in Germany.