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Staying hydrated in climbing is crucial just like in any other sport. But sometimes it is not easy to do so. That might sound weird, you might think "if you're thirsty.. just drink" but especially when bouldering it is very easy to forget. But picture this, you are sitting in Fontainebleau giving your project a go, then your mate goes in, you spot him/her and before you know it your sticking to the rock again and didn't drink anything...sound familiar? 


  • Water Bottles
    <p>Straight forward category. What you will find here are non insulated, reusable water bottles. These are lighter than their insulated friends and fit perfectly in any bag. No more excuses, stay hydrated!</p>
  • Insulated Water Bottles
    <p>Insulated water bottles are a bit heavier but they will keep your drink nice and cool during hot summer days in the forest of fontainebleau or keep your tea warm in the cold magic woods.</p>
  • Tumblers and Bring...
    <p>These reusable hydration options are not necessarily meant to be brought to the crag. You could bring your tumbler filled with coffee, just make sure not to knock it over by accident. No, these tumblers are actually much more practical to bring to work for example. </p>
  • Hydration Accessories
    <p>Accessories for your tumblers and water bottles. Metal straws are better than plastic and with the right cleaning tools any hydration method could last you a life time.</p>