About us

The idea

The idea was born on Massouri Beach, Kalymnos, Greece an afternoon lying in the sun after climbing. A couple of Coronas and my thoughts were getting deeper and deeper. Thinking of this wonderful lifestyle and how I could return to the feeling I used to have while I was living in Chamonix Mt. Blanc, France climbing and snowboarding everyday.

It took a little more than a year to complete the project and on 26/08/2013 we opened the doors at Casper's Climbing Shop in Luxembourg, a country that has seen an enourmous growth in rock climbing and bouldering during the past years.

After getting the name out and learning from our mistakes we launched www.caspersclimbingshop.com on 20/01/2015. There were several reasons for the launch of our online store.

1. We have a good brand/product selection and our customers come from far way sometimes. With the online store they will be able to support the shop but have it delivered at home.

2. If we can get a larger customer base then we can add more brands and products to our existing selection. This way we can stock items that we normally are not able to offer local customers.

3. We live in a time of change and with a large focus on technology. We believe that to run a healthy business you have to use all this.

The Team

​Casper (Founder & Part Owner)

Casper Climbing

Casper is from Denmark but grew up in Luxembourg. After living for 7 years in Chamonix Mt. Blanc, France he decided to follow his passion in mountaineering sports by founding Casper's Climbing Shop. He has deep knowledge and real world experience across the full range products whilst giving great advice for all types of enthusiasts: beginners, intermediates or semi-professionals.

Casper also previously worked for 5 years in the banking sector in Luxembourg, where his primary roles involved User Acceptance Testing and Project Management.

He's a passionate climber, loves nature and the outdoors/travelling.

Anjin (Part Owner)
Anjin Thill
Anjin is from Luxembourg even though his name has Japanese origins. ​He started climbing at the age of 8 and has since enjoyed spending a lot of time in the climbing community in and around Luxembourg.
After searching for happiness a bit everywhere, as a postman, in construction, assistant to an artist and also as a assistant to a farmer, he always went back to follow his passion in the climbing scene, where he has now found his place as a partner at Casper's Climbing Shop. 

Alexis (Social media & online input)


Alexis is our Greek guy, although he grew up and lives in Luxembourg. He only discovered climbing at the age of 20 after having spent his life on tennis courts. Climbing mostly indoors, he has visited loads of different gyms in many countries and worked in some of them either as routesetter, barkeeper, cleaning assistance etc. As long as it was climbing related he was on it. Which is how the road lead him to Casper's Climbing Shop where he is now mainly in charge of social media and the online shop.

Lana (Mascot)


Long legged Lana is our mascot dog. She is responsible for quality assurance and giving our customers a warm heartily welcome.​​​

Zoé (Mascot)

Zoe Laspo Puff

Ninja-Zoé (we call her Zoé;) is our 2nd mascot of the Shop. A small plush ball with a lot of energie and alsways happy to say hallo!

Sloper (Mascot)


Slopi Sloper is mascot dog number three. He is in charge of looking at you with his big puppy eyes until you buy 10 crash pads.