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Ice Axes

Of all the tools a mountaineer carries, the ice axe is perhaps the most iconic.

If you’re thinking about buying your first ice axe for a high-altitude adventure, you do need to think about the type of outdoor activity your axe will support. Is it for classic mountaineering, scrambling up steep frozen terrain, hiking/backpacking through some ice covered sections or actual ice climbing. 

The choice definitely gets easier the more you know about your trip. 

One key aspect to consider when buying an ice axe is it's length, from the tip of the axe to the top of it's head. To measure this, stand next to a mirror or have someone help you and do the following:

 First, hold the head of the axe, with the adze pointing forward and your thumb resting on it.

Stand facing forward in a relaxed yet upright position (your arm holding the axe head should be at your side); let the spike of the axe dangle toward the ground.

On a correctly sized axe, the tip of the spike should be even with your ankle, or an inch above it.

As we like to say, the choices are endless so feel free to pop down to the shop to hav a closer look, better feel and some great service with your purchase.