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List of products by brand Kong

In 1830 the company was founded by and named after the Bonaiti family. Situated at the foot of the Alps they recognised the need for personal protective equipment, as they saw more and more people "hanging" in the mountains. Later in 1977 the company changed its name to KONG but continued with the same principles: 

“To manufacture safety where risk is the protagonist”

The sport of mountaineering became more popular in the mid 19th century when most of the most difficult summits had been climbed. Initially, magazines told climbers what equipment it was they needed to get and down the mountain safely. Climbers used pear shape carabiners that until then were only seen with firemen in Munich.

For a.long time Bonaiti was the only company to produce this kind of equipment and with time and the influence of some mountaineers comes innovation. Bonaiti are the first ones to design and produce the D-Shaped carabiner. Another 50 years later, in the 1960's, the very first light alloy carabiner was designed and when it hit the market the climbers went crazy over it. It was first of all the first carabiner to no longer weigh 200g but 65g and second of all climbers could get these alloy carabiners in different colours to match their outfits, for the first time ever.