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Many professional athletes such as Alex Honnold, Adam Ondra etc trust their lives to Black Diamond gear on a daily basis. Overall, this brand provides an extremely wide range of climbing products, such as climbing harnesses, nuts and friends for Big Wall climbing, carabiners, helmets and the list goes on. bd

The American manufacturer stands out when it comes to Ice/Snow sports, especially Ice climbing. This product line has been developed almost to perfection, ergonomically designed and a great variety of choice make this a no brainer. But not everyone is up for an ice adventure, if you are more of a mountaineering person or a hiker, Black Diamond still offers top notch equipment such as their Trekking poles with integrated locking system to save valuable space. They also have a large choice of different backpack models made of a super robust material, these backpacks are almost indestructible, look good and leave plenty of packing space. bd 2

Furthermore, Black Dimond has a nice clothing line too, ranging from t-shirts ideal for bouldering outside during warm spring days all the way to thick, robust winter jackets that will keep you warmish on the crag when the temperatures drop and climbing conditions get better. You will probably not be able to find a manufacturer with a choice of equipment for ice and rock that will be more varied than that of Black Diamond. 

Black Diamond - by and for genuine mountain athletes!