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Skin Care

Climber Skin Care 

We are familiar with the concept of training your muscles, heart, lungs, brain and so on but without the strength and health of our biggest organ we wont go far in climbing. The skin is your primary connection to the rock and one of the most important variables when climbing hard. After years of climbing we came to a few conclusions. 

Hand hygiene is the first step to functioning skin. Start each climbing session with a thorough hand wash to get that grease and oil of your hands. Do not put down your cheesy sandwich and immediately grab those holds, you will waste a good go and make it harder on yourself and whoever climbs next. 

Skin types vary from person to person. Here we will divide them up into 2 categories, the naturally dry & the naturally sweaty fingers/palms. Dry hands should put their focus on moisturizing  the skin wen washing hands while the counterpart, oily hands, should focus on removing that oily layer when washing them. Watch out what soap you use since they have different purposes. 

Furthermore, the skin will adapt to different types of rock. The longer you climb in the same area the better suited your skin will be for that specific rock type. If you are climbing a lot in Fontainebleau for instance, the soft sandstone requires a soft yet tough skin, which will happen over time. Climbing on sharper rock such as granite, Magic Wood, will require your skin to be much harder and robust. A good way of prepping for this is indoor climbing, since the holds are usually quiet rough on the skin. 

Some tools to help take care of the skin are a skinshaper, some hand cream and tape.  

The choices are endless and difficult today so contact our Customer Service or send us a mail to help you choose the right product for your needs. 

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