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!! Everything you need to train hard... available here at CCS !!

Training & Gym

Lets hit the (home-)gym…………..what do you need to train right?

There are many reasons you might want to start a more specific training rather than hitting the plastic over and over again. Are you coming back from an injury? Have you hit a plateau? Are you working on a project? etc.. When it comes to training there is no magic formula that works for everyone. Every athlete needs to identify their weaknesses, know their body to avoid injury and have a clear training target in mind.


It is always recommended to look for professional advice because it can be hard to identify ones weak spots and knowing how to improve them is not always as straight forward and simple as gaining more muscle. 


The very first thing to do when planning a training program is to have a clear goal in mind. What do you want to achieve? Do you struggle with certain specific moves because you are lacking strength? Do you struggle because you cannot get your feet up and hip to open? Can you do all the single moves of your route but can't seem to combine them? And, and, and.... 

Once you figured out why you want to train you can start planning on what to train. If you are not familiar with setting up training programs ask around in your local gym, come down to have a chat with us at the shop or just take the time to do some personal research.  

When it comes to training equipment the single most important tool is a fingerboard! Every other piece of gear can somehow be replaced or skipped, but finger strength is crucial in climbing and therefor a priority on the training list. Be careful when taking on a fingerboard because the risk of injury can be quiet high if the climber is not warmed up properly or simply hasn't developed the necessary tendon strength in the fingers.


There are lots of other tools out there that will help you train but essentially most of them serve as equipment to improve finger-strength or grip strength. Best is to come down to the shop so we can asses what is best for you! 

We are constantly adding to our range of products so we can propose all the right gear you will need during your climbing.

The choices are endless and difficult today so contact our Customer Service or send us a mail to help you choose the right product for your needs. 

Shop online.........more time to climb.

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