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Kids Helmets

Climbing Helmet Type

Hardshell Helmets are durable and have an extra hard outer shell usually made of ABS plastic giving them a long lifespan compared to other helmets. They feature a thin foam layer inside and a strap suspension system and are therefor sometimes called hybrid helmets or suspension helmets.

Shelled Foam Helmets are lighter and feature a thick layer of impact-absorbing polystyrene or polypropylene foam protected by a thin polycarbonate shell. This type of helmet has the advantage of being super light and having great ventilation. 

hardshell helmet shelled foam helmet
Mountaineering and multi-pitch trad climbing X
Ice climbing X
Warm-weather sport climbing X
Cool-weather and single-pitch sport climbing X X
Belaying X
Indoor climbing X X

Climbing Helmet Fit

Even when friends or reviewers suggest that one helmet is the best, it won't be right for you if it doesn't fit correctly. The best way to assess fit is to try on different helmets in a climbing specialty store.

  • Check for a secure fit
  • Check and adjust chin straps
  • Check the ease of adjustment

Climbing Helmet Lifespan

You should retire any helmet that’s dented, cracked or damaged—that includes the straps. You should even retire your helmet if you can't see any damage but had an incident where you thought to yourself, "I would have been seriously messed up if not for my helmet."

Even if it’s never impacted, retire a helmet within 10 years. The sun’s UV rays slowly degrade materials, so if you climb frequently, cut this lifespan time in half.

Kids specific

There is nothing really kid specific about these helmets except for the adjusted size. These helmets or obviously not as big as adult helmets but except for that they are identical. 

Petzl Picchu Kids Helmet

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