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Frictionlabs originated with Kevin and Keah's goal of giving the climbing community a choice and high quality chalk. 

The founders got the idea when they looked at the climbing scene, every aspect of climbing is being pushed to its limits. Shoes, harnesses, helmets, clothes, quickdraws etc everything is being improved but chalk did not catch the attention of these manufacturers until Frictionlabs came along. Up to that point, chalk was just magnesium, good to dry your hands if humid and that was it. When Frictionlabs put there chalk to the test compared to other brands out there this is what was concluded by Dr. Wesley Ingram Ph. D. Geology and Geochemistry Consultant “Chalk C, FrictionLabs, yields the highest Magnesium detection. Chalk C, FrictionLabs, also yields much lower counts for the other elements, hence is the most chemically pure.”