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Find all the gear for your next mountaineering trip here at CCS!


Lets hit the mountains…………..what do you need to do this?

Back in the days they almost had no gear but of course this has changed. Today the choice of brands and models are endless, it has become a gear freak’s paradise. 

Mountaineers need a lot of different gear even for the easiest routes and here the choice is endless. It can range from crampons and an ice axe to the right clothing and bivouac equipment.

Whether you are planning a relaxing bouldering holiday or a challenging tour in mountain terrain you will find the right climbing gear for every purpose, every level and every budget in our climbing shop. We started with only a few brands to which more have been added over time. A list of some of our brands include: E9, Petzl, Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Edelrid, Metolius, Wild Country, Moon Climbing, Beal, Scarpa and many more.

Mountaineer equipment

This category includes ice climbing, securing your own routes and anything that is not sports climbing or bouldering. 

Sometimes routes are not bolted all the way or not at all. In those cases you need some extra equipment to be able to secure yourself on the way up. This type of climbing is called trad climbing or clean climbing because you don't leave a trace of your route on the rock. This type of climbing is very popular in the UK and it requires the athlete to carry nuts and cams which are the tools that anchor him/her to the rock for the time being. 

When it comes to ice climbing, selecting your gear becomes a real science and the climb itself a material arms race. When on long high alpine tours you never know what conditions you'll encounter so you need climbing equipment for every eventuality with you. That means a full set of mountain climbing equipment plus full ice climbing gear, that is a lot to carry so good backpacks are a must too. 

The most important thing in rock climbing is to be aware and informed of what you do. What style do you plan on climbing, then analyse the single routes you'd like to try, are they single pitch or multi pitch, how high are they, how long, how many bolts needed, are there bolts etc. Take note of all these aspects and come down to our shop where we can further discuss and try out what the ideal equipment for your climb is.

We are constantly adding to our range of products so we can propose all the right gear you will need during your climbing.

The choices are endless and difficult today so contact our Customer Service or send us a mail to help you choose the right product for your needs. 

Shop online.........more time to climb.

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