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Climbing Walls

Climbing walls are usually used to practice indoors while waiting for better weather conditions to go outside and climb on real rock. They are artificially constructed walls featuring holds for both feet and hands. Initially they were constructed of simple brick or wood, whereas now a days most climbing walls are made of multiplex board. These boards have holes drilled into them that each contain special t-nuts to allow the fixation of climbing holds. If you are looking to build your own home wall there are a few more things that need to be considered.

1) Evaluate the space you have available and design the wall in a way to make the most efficient use of it. If the wall is indoors, you’ll want to maintain access to electrical outlets and to the back of the wall to make any necessary repairs to the T-nuts once it is finished.

2) How to support your wall. Fixing the wall to an already present structure/wall can be easier to design and construct but will lock you into that location. You must also ensure that the existing structure is strong enough to support the additional load the bouldering wall will add to it.

3) You need to think about the frames. OIdeally build a frame for each part of the wall that you then attach to the main structure. 

4) Falling zone. Don't forget that you need space to add some crash pads or other type of shock absorbing material wherever you might fall. 

5) Fix your holds. Now you can start setting your boulder problems on the wall. Use tape, numbers or go by colour of holds to determine different circuits and problems. 

6) Finally comes maintenance, once your wall is ready and you climb on it regularly, it is necessary from time to time to check that all the holds are still fixed and haven't gotten loose. Make sure there are no broken / sharp edges or screws sticking out. 

The choices are endless and difficult today so contact our Customer Service or send us a mail to help you choose the right product for your needs. 

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