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Beastmaker originated in Sheffield UK and was created by a bunch of climbers who at the time just wanted to improve their fingerstrength from home since university didn't leave to much time for climbing. They were obsessed with creating an ergonomically, skin friendly training tool. In 2007, the first Beastmaker fingerboard sees daylight. It got fine tuned for another 6 month but after that it was a pleasure to train on it. 

Initially the Beastmaker was designed for personal use and maybe a few friends, but after the Sheffield gang hit up Leicester with their new product the market for it exploded. They improved the fingerboard one more time by using computer aided design and manufacturing before it became what it is today, the new standard for fingerboards. 

Today, every climbing gym and almost every "serious" climber has either a Beastmaker 1000 or 2000. It has helped many athletes achieve their goal and track progress.