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E9 was founded in 1998 by former boulder world champion, Mauro Calibani, who's dream it was from a very young age to impact the climbing world, both on the rock and skin. The process of making high quality creative clothing for climbers by climbers has been going on for over 20 years and has clearly set it's own trend in the marketplace. You could go as far as to say that E9 established what climbing apparel is since for a very long time they were the only once creating it.

Today, EVERY climber you talk to knows and probably owns some E9 gear. Over the years, not only have they constantly created new designs but they also, like many climbers/boulderers, value nature and want to contribute to protecting it and the planet.

Since its foundation, E9 only produces in Italy. The entire production is actually happening in a 30 Km range within company district. This decision has been taken to reinforce E9's vision of taking care of your planet. This way local workforce is hired and it contributes toward the "Km 0" production, reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions to a minimum.

“Made in Italy,” means highest quality of materials combined with creativity and a continuous innovation. In the past few years, E9 have introduced eco-friendly material such as organic cotton, hemp and linen.  Each of these three have a low environmental impact. The cotton is grown on a pesticides and chemical free soil; the hemp does not need fertilizers and pesticides and the line does not need irrigation.