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BootBananas was created in South London by Alex and Phil, with the one and only mission of eliminating that unbearable smell of Phils climbing shoes. Every climber/boulderer can relate to that, long hours at the crag, on the project or on the big wall, it doesn't matter, the climbing shoes will smell terribly at the end of the day. After trying out nearly every deodoriser on the market the couple decided to solve the problem themselves. 


Blending together different salts and minerals, keeping it organic and sustainable, lead to finding the perfect lavender mixture you know today, but the big AHA moment came when Alex unconsciously used yellow fabric to sow everything together...."Its a BANANA!!" and thats how Bootbananas was founded. 

The next 8000 bananas were still handmade in the little south London flat but quickly moved on to bigger production lines. Now a days you can see bootbananas in almost every climbers shoe because indeed it is the only thing so far that has managed to keep that smell away.