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Rope Bags

Why do you want a rope bag?

In the very first place, a rope bag makes the transportation of your long ropes much easier and more comfortable. Furthermore, something people tend to forget is that a rope bag primarily protects your rope from getting dirty and from abrasions. In this category you will find a few tips and tricks to increase your ropes life span and choose the right rope bag. 

Rope bag material and designs

Rope bags are mainly made of Nylon or some other robust material in order to safely transport your ropes and protect them from different weather conditions. There are then still different designs, such as the backpack model, where padded shoulder straps make the transport more comfortable. These bags are usually used when the approach to the site is long and difficult. Other designs come with additional small pockets that allow you to store more gear. Then we need to differ between tubular rope bags and round ones. There is no advantage or disadvantage regarding the shape it is mainly a preference thing, whether you prefer folding or stuffing the rope in your bag. Finally, some bags come with the tarp attached to the bag and others have a separate tarp to the bag, again a preference thing, most important is that the tarp has coloured rope end loops so you can attach both ends of the rope and make sure there is no knot the next time you go climb.  

The choices are endless and difficult today so contact our Customer Service or send us a mail to help you choose the right product for your needs. 

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