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CHALK aka "powder for the guns" | Chalkball | Variety of Brands | CCS

Chalk Balls

Chalk ball

Chalk is a delicate subject, there are so many different brands that seem to produce totally different products even though at its base chalk stays chalk. 

Beside all the different brands, within a brand chalk can still vary from fine to chunky chalk, from powder to liquid chalk or from loose to being in a sort of ball (sock). Chalk balls essentially contain the same powder that brands sell as loose, chunky etc but it is contained in a, sometimes refillable, sock. Some people prefer using a chalk ball because the chalk usage seems more controlled. Accidentally kicking over you chalkbag can be a huge mess, but not if you are using a chalk ball.. sometimes we grab into our chalkbag and way to much chalk will stick to our hands, not with a chalkball, always the right amount..  

A place where chalk balls are quiet popular too is in schools or wherever kids courses take place. We know how the youngsters are, they will make a mess with loose powder, and a chalkball keeps this to a minimum. 

The choice is quiet big here too and can be overwhelming, for a more in depth chat feel free to come down to the shop.