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Black Roll - Everything is a circle

In life there are positives and negatives, good and bad, cold and warm, heathy and sick, it is all about finding balance. Just the same way a climber who trains hard, needs to rest and recover appropriately. It is a reality a lot of people have a hard time accepting but unless you have a certain awareness of your body and it's needs to rest, recover, eat, train etc you will not become the climber or boulderer you have visioned. 

Black Roll takes one of these matters into their hands. Their amazing products provide an efficient way to relieve muscle pain and soreness. Furthermore, Black Roll and it's team of scientist have "discovered" that what climbers and other athletes refer to as muscle soreness is actually sore fascia. Fascia being a sort of tissue enveloping all our organs, ligaments and muscles. When this tissue becomes stiff and sore, our movements feel so too but it is not necessarily because of the muscles. This fascia system can be brought out of balance in many ways, if the climber doesn't warm up properly, through shock when falling on the crash pad, from tugging to hard on the rock, from jamming your limbs in the crag, from not hydrating properly and the list goes on. Black Roll wants to help by providing a wide range of products combined with free instructions on how to use them properly. In order for these to work, regular application is necessary. 

Peter Rohn, BLACKROLL® CEO says "we examine the interdependencies that enable or obstruct an active, pain-free life and look for the right solutions". 

Black Roll prioritizes responsible production which is why

  • country of production is Germany
  • 100% recyclable and free from chemicals 
  • highly durable and robust, non-slip, heat resistant and can easily be cleaned 
  • In accordance with: OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.