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Scarpa - Instinct S - Black/Azure - Men's Climbing Shoes
The latest of the Scarpa range of shoes, the new Instinct Slipper. Like the name suggests, slippers are generally the most comfortable kind of shoe, which makes them ideal when spending long training days since you can slip them on and off really easily. They provide a much stiffer forepart than...
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Scarpa - Instinct VSR - Black/Azure - Climbing Shoes
The Instinct VSR has the same characteristics as the famous Instinct VS from Scarpa but it comes with a softer rubber, Vibram XS Grip2, for better sensitivity or lighter climbers. This shoe focuses on hard sport climbing or bouldering and will stick even better to plastic then the original...
€118.96 Regular price -30% €169.95 Price
Scarpa - Vapor V - Ocean/Yellow - Climbing Shoes
A precise, versatile and best-selling shoe that combines a comfortable fit with steep climbing performance, the redesigned Vapor V features fresh colours, a microfiber upper and the Bi-Tension™ active rand for a premium combo of durability and sensitivity.
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Wild Country - Revo - Belay Device
Wild Country - Revo The only belay device that automatically locks and which has a completely panic-proof locking mechanism. The REVO has no method of over-riding the locking mechanism. It is bi-directional, the locking function works in both rope direction. It as an intuitive belaying method,...
€103.96 Regular price -20% €129.95 Price
Red Chili - Mystix - Climbing Shoes
The Red Chili MYSTIX is a high-end climbing/bouldering shoe offering a heavy downturn for steep to extreme overhanging routes either in the gym or the crag. Due to its 2 part sole it is flexible enough to excel in modern bouldering gyms but also provides good support on small edges. The crossed...
€101.47 Regular price -30% €144.95 Price
La Sportiva - Tarantula - Kiwi - Men's Climbing Shoes
The Tarantula is a highly adjustable, super-comfy, velcro shoe from La Sportiva. Quite symetrical, with a stiff sole and a non-aggressive shape, the Tarantula is perfect for all-day comfort or as an entry level shoe. The closure system is highly adaptable to all foot shapes and quick and easy to...
€80.95 Regular price -10% €89.95 Price

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