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La Sportiva - Skwama
A sensitive, snug fitting, flexible climbing shoe ideal for top performance both on rock and in...
€144.95 Price
La Sportiva - Otaki Men
The performance climbing shoe, precise, supportive and structured: ideal for sport climbing and...
€148.95 Price
La Sportiva - Miura VS
The Miura VS is the ultimate, performance Velcro shoe you've all been waiting for. Aggresively...
€138.95 Price
La Sportiva - Miura Laces
Precise and firm with a comfortable fit, the Miura VS is the ideal all-round solution to modern...
€134.95 Price
Moon - Moon Dust 300g - Climbing Chalk
Climbing chalk from Moon Climbing. Coming from the master himself........Ben Moon. The chalk...
€8.50 Price
Black Diamond - Loose Chalk
The famous white gold from Black Diamond. Comes in three different sized bags. Perfect for sport...
€11.95 Price
Black Diamond - Liquid White Gld
€8.95 Price
Black Diamond - Refillable Chalk Shot
This chalk is specifically blended for climbing to keep sweat at bay, ensuring maximum grip no...
€4.95 Price
Black Diamond - Non-refillable Chalk Shot
The Black Diamond chalk is specifically blended for climbing to keep sweat at bay, ensuring...
€3.95 Price
Scarpa - Instinct VS
The Scarpa Instinct is your friend during sport climbing or bouldering. It is a perfect weapon...
€144.95 Price
Petzl - Nimbo
The NIMBO is a back-up pad for bouldering sit-starts and for protecting a space between two...
€64.95 Price
Get all your boulder equipment here at Caspers Climbing Shop.


Lets go climbing…………..what do you need to do this?

There is no fix list of things you need to go climbing. Back in the days they almost had no gear but of course this has changed. Today the choice of brands and models are endless, it has become a gear freak’s paradise. We at Casper’s Climbing Shop feel that climbing can be divided in to four categories: Bouldering, Sport Climbing, Mountaineering and Via Ferrata.

Boulderers can generally get by with climbing shoes, chalk, chalkbag and a crashpad.

Whether you are planning a relaxing bouldering holiday or a challenging tour in mountain terrain you will find the right climbing gear for every purpose, every level and every budget in our climbing shop. We started with only a few brands to which more have been added over time. A list of some of our brands include: E9, Petzl, Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Edelrid, Five Ten, Evolv, Metolius, Wild Country, Moon Climbing, Sterling Rope, Beal, Scarpa and many more.

Bouldering gear

As previously mentioned a boulderer doesn't need much equipment, barely any, which is why bouldering is considered by some people to be the purest form of climbing. It's the isolation of single hard moves that makes it ideal to work on hard sequences or on personal weaknesses. There's just you vs the rock, no rope keeping you safe, no clipps holding you on the wall, just you, your shoes fingers and pad. Others see bouldering as a training method towards rope climbing but it has established itself as a completely independent discipline and a unique set of equipment has emerged accordingly. 

The probably most important piece of gear in bouldering are the shoes. The way bouldering developed and transformed itself to become this insane sport it is now requires very specific equipment, and the shoes help you use your feet as hands. Hard rubber vs soft rubber, asymmetric vs straight, with/without support, laces vs velcro, Vibram edge vs grip etc. These are all aspects that play a massive role in your bouldering game. They should fit perfectly, offer good grip and allow a good feel for the rock.   

The next most important thing when bouldering is the crash pad because after all it's what prevents impact with the ground in case of a fall. There are lots of different style pads out there, size matters, material and shockabsoarb system, carry system, thickness etc. Depending on where you go bouldering you will need to watch out for different features that could make your trip a lot more comfortable.

Finally, you will need some chalk to complete your boulder kit, and any boulder chalk bag will do the job.

We are constantly adding to our range of products so we can propose all the right gear you will need during your climbing.

The choices are endless and difficult today so contact our Customer Service or send us a mail to help you choose the right product for your needs. 

Shop online.........more time to climb.

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