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Casper's Climbing Shop was founded in 2013 in Luxembourg by Casper himself. A couple of years later Anjin jumped on board of the train and the shop started moving in the right direction.

Today the shop is managed by 4 guys and their dogs. 


Casper's Climbing Shop is now well established and the only climbing specific store in Luxembourg. People from all over the region/europe drive down to the store or order online from the huge variety of brands and products available. Some of their big name brands contain Petzl, LaSportiva, Scarpa, E9, Black Diamond etc... Casper's goal is to support as many climbers, professional or novice as possible, on their journey to success. Thanks to them, Petzl showed interest for the first time, and designated the very first Petzl Ambassador in Luxembourg, Jay Hoffmann who is also sponsored by Casper. Furthermore, they want to promote the idea of doing your online shopping online as far as possible to give you as much time as possible to climb.