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There are not many other things a climber needs once the trousers and shirt match you are basically good to go. You can find a few more goodies to complete the set here, such as a hat or beanie, maybe a cool climber wristband as a good luck charm, gloves for belaying or via ferrata...    

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  • Headwear
    <p>Imagine you are sitting in the nice forest of Fontainebleau, the sun is beating down on you, sweat dripping down your face... well in those cases it is good to wear a hat, first of all to protect you from a heat stroke but also to avoid having that sweat running in your eyes and costing you the flash go of Marie Rose.</p> <p>Now picture this scenario, sitting in Switzerland now, Magic Wood.. No matter what time a year you decide to visit this boulder paradise it is always quiet fresh in the Swiss mountains. Nothing wrong with wearing a beanie to keep the ears warm, especially in between tries. </p>
  • Socks
    <p>When it comes to climbing socks climbers split in two groups. </p> <p>There are the climbers who swear on climbing barefoot (with climbing shoes) because you apparently get a much better feeling. To be fair in Fontainebleau we have seen a lot of people climbe completely barefoot so.....</p> <p>And theres the climbers who always wear socks and claim that there is no difference in performance, you get in the shoes easier and where they're definitely right, the smell of the shoes is not nearly as bad as if you'd climb barefoot. </p> <p>The third "group" op climbers are those who buy there climbing shoe and initially climb without socks, and only if the shoe becomes too comfortable over time due to wear and tear they put on socks and this causes the shoe to tighten again. </p>
  • Gloves
    <p>After climbing for a while your hands begin to look and feel a bit rough. That is when the classic non climber asks her son/daughter "don't you want to wear gloves to protect those pretty hands". We can only shake our heads to that. In Sport climbing, bouldering, trad climbing athletes do not wear gloves, it would take away the entire sensation and disconnect the climber from the rock. The only time gloves are useful is during a via ferata, as you move along difficult terrain and can only hold on to that steel cable.</p>
  • Belts
    <p>Well there is no secret power or disadvantage to belts in climbing. If you need one, wear one. Although ideally get the trouser in the right size, because the less gear you need to wear the more comfortable and light the assent.</p>
  • Wristbands
    <p>A purely decorative, aesthetic part of climbing, although we would recommend to always take off wristbands and other jewellery as it just increases the risk of injury. You do not want to know or experience what happened to people getting stuck with their pretty jewellery. </p>