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Quickdraw Set

How to Choose Quickdraws

When you are out shopping for quickdraws there are several things to look out for. The three basic questions you need to ask yourself are first of all, how many quickdraws do I need? Second, ask yourself what gate opening you need/prefer. And finally you need to decide on the length of the sling. More advanced climbers know that there is a bit more to it, like carabiner size&shape or sling material&width and of course weight strength ratio but let's stick to the first 3 for now. 

So here we will go over the point of how many quickdraws do you need?

The number of draws you require kind of decides whether you'll need to buy a pack or single draw. For example, here in Berdorf, Luxembourg you could say that with 13 draws you can climb 99% of the routes. So what is the smart way to do? Buy 2x6 pack of draws (usually saves money) and get 1 or 2 extra single draws. With the single draws you could go and get some with longer slings compared to the packs you just bought, you could go for a different gate opening or just get the same one you bought as a pack.