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Scarpa was founded in 1938 and has its headquarter in the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy. With Scarpa innovation and tradition always shared the same importance. They started off by regrouping all the best shoemakers of the Asolo area with the goal of manufacturing the best footwear anywhere. 

SCARPA stands for Società Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima, which means Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area. Parisotto, who later on buys and runs the company with his brother, began to learn about shoemaking in 1940 at the age of 11 and got his first job at SCARPA at the age of 13. In 1950 Parisotto started his own shoemaking business with his brother Giorgio.

Together they produced about 15 pairs of shoes a day that they sold to farmers who were looking for durable comfortable shoes. 1956 is the year Parisotto and his brothers managed to save up enough money to make SCARPA an offer, that they go on to accept. It didn't take long before SCARPA became internationally known and imported to the States. Today no climber, boulderer or person that has to do anything with climbing won't know SCARPA.